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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spygate needs to be left alone!

There are more allegations with spygate and the New England Patriots. People have labeled them as cheaters, saying that they are nothing without cheating. Due to the new allegations (as of yesterday), and with the NFL commissioner having to go testify, about why the NFL destroyed the tapes. Former assistant coach for the New England Patriots said he tapped past games from 1996-2003 (before being fired). What I do not understand is if the Patriots tapped other teams back in 2000-2003 under head coach Bill Belichick, how is it a big deal! There were no rules against doing it back than, so how would it be considered cheating. The Patriots were always the first to try different things and have others followed. They were the first to get big time players to come for less money, they also got the NFL to change rules about how defenses would guard the wide receivers where you could not touch them after 5 yards. This is another thing the Patriots did that the NFL had to adjust to, saying it was illegal after last season (2006-2007). The Patriots did do it this year and week 1 and were fined for it and lost a draft pick. I think everyone is upset that the Patriots have been so good for 8 consecutive years now, and are looking to try to upset the Patriots and make there organization look poorly. This happened after week 1 and the Patriots went out and beat the San Diego Chargers 38-14, now with this coming out the day before the Super Bowl. The Patriots are again ticked off so congratulations the Patriots will probably put 50 points up against the New York Giants in the Super Bowl tomorrow.


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