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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pats, Jersey's and Calzone's

It’s been a while since the Super Bowl and I finally think I’m ready to talk about football again. The NFL Combine and talk about the NFL Draft has gotten me over the hump and on my way to recovering from the Debacle in Arizona. Today was a rough day for Patriots fans: Kevin Faulk was busted with a couple blunts are a concert in Louisiana and the Patriots are apparently going to release Roosevelt Colvin. I was a big Colvin supporter, primarily because I Believe he’s the Patriots best pass rusher (when healthy).
With the upcoming possibility of losing Randy Moss, Asante Samuel or Donte Stallworth or all of them these are now uncertain times in Foxborough. Add in the possible retirements of Tedy Bruschi and Junior Seau, compounded by not signing Zach Thomas and the team is starting to show signs of weakness. Since beating the Chargers for the AFC title, name one thing that has gone New England’s way? Samuel, after saying his chances of coming back to New England were a “10 out of 10” and now is saying he’ll find “market value”, which in free agent terms means he’s going to end up playing in Arizona or Kansas City for Champ Bailey money and never make the playoffs again in his career.
Can you name one good thing that has happened to the New England Patriots since beating the Chargers in the AFC title game? I mean have I jinxed them by writing the Inaugural Jogging Diary? Was that it? I think we will find out when the NFL Draft starts, because right now some of the Patriots great moments have come at the Draft the last few seasons, or pretty much any season under Bill Belichick. The combination of that good mojo and the fact they have the 7th overall pick (God Bless San Francisco) this could be the moment of the off season that the moves make sense.
Because the only silver linings to the cloud of the Patriots releasing Roosevelt Colvin and not signing Zach Thomas are that they might make another bigger move, sign Randy Moss long term and that I’ll be able to get a Colvin jersey for $50 bucks cheaper than I could two days ago.
God Bless eBay.

~Speaking of eBay, here’s another sweet jersey that I found on there tonight. Check out the seller’s name, imagine the possibilities? A post comment of jersey’s that you’d get made. I’m saying it would be hard to top a mid 90’s Cleveland Indians Ricky Vaughn jersey, or a Jesus Shuttleworth Boston Celtics jersey. Though the most aesthetically pleasing looking jersey?
That’s right a Henry Rowengartner Chicago Cubs road jersey. Let’s make this happen!!!!

~ To Spring Training I go. T minus 5 days and counting till I depart. I’ll make sure and let you know how huge Bartolo “Calzone” Colon is in person.

~Sterling Pingree

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