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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whats wrong with the Celtics?

What is wrong with the Boston Celtics? They are going through there first 3 game losing streak of the season. Well I tapped the past three games and have dissected them and come to these conclusions on what the Boston Celtics need to do to get back to there winning ways.

1.) Box out- the Celtics are not boxing out and are allowing 2nd and 3rd possessions for the opponent which has led into points.

2.) Fast break points- the Boston Celtics have allowed only 8.3 fast break points per game, however during this 3 game losing streak there allowing 17.6 fast break points per game, so they need to cut that out of the game.

3.) Injuries- yes you can say that it is an excuse but the Boston Celtics have had injuries starting with there all star Kevin Garnett as well as Scott Pollard, Glen Davis, Leon Powe, Kendrick Perkins and all star Ray Allen.

4.) Ball Movement- The Celtics do not seem to be playing as a team there is a lot of standing around or one on one, and not playing as a team. I almost want to say everyone is playing like there an all star instead of a team which got them to the great start in the first place.

If the Boston Celtics can do these 4 simple things I truly believe they will be back to there winning ways.


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