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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 10 Wrestling finishers today part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the top 10 Wrestling finishers of today. Last time I counted down 10-5, today I will give you the top 5 in my opinion.

#5 - The Pedigree

Triple H's signature move that has beaten them all and helped him gain 11 word championships. A move that doesn't look devastating but is rather effective from a viewers perspective.

#4 - The GTS (Go To Sleep)

The move that ECW's CM Punk invented that has a high level of impact. I love this move because of how it looks, I mean just look at it. you have the guy over your shoulders then you suddenly drop him face first into your knee.... OUCH!

#3 - The Batista Bomb

Batista is not a good wrestler by any means at all, but he makes up for it with the devastating Batista Bomb.
Batista bomb to edge

#2 - Tombstone Pile driver

The Undertaker's claim to fame that has put down just about every superstar to ever enter the squared circle. The tombstone was so lethal at one time that Taker stopped using it.
Tombstone Piledriver

#1 - The Elijah Express

Yes I know this is a shocker for a number one but Elijah Burke's "Elijah Express" is so explosive and fast and very innovative, thats hwy in my view it deserved the number one slot. I think this is much better than Carlito's back stabber move because Elijah runs and dos it to make it look better.
elijah express


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grendel cain said...

I don't know if you know this now or not, but CM Punk didn't invent the GTS, KENTA did. Look it up on youtube, he spells it Go 2 Sleep.