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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Colon or Semi-Colon

Besides the inevitable re-signing of Terry Francona, there was HUGE news today coming from Boston Red Sox Spring Training. And yes, I do realize that I am writing this in the format that Bruce Glazer would for Channel 6. The huge news is who the Red Sox signed and not the fact that they signed someone.
Bartolo Colon signed a Minor League contract with the Red Sox today and I’m pretty excited about this. There is no risk with this signing. He’s getting a minor league deal which is the equivalent of taking a phone number off a poster that says: roommate needed. Like my Dad said today when I talked to him today “It’s just money”. It’s always just money, but the difference between your team taking a gamble on Colon and laying down a handful of black chips in Vegas is, Colon isn’t being bought with YOUR money. So sign Bartolo and while you’re at it find out what it would take to get Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax in for try outs. It’s just money, if they don’t make the team you can have them sign a baseball and make all of your money right back.
Two things could happen with this signing and only two. Colon could walk into camp looking like Tom Seaver circa 1972 and pry the 5th starter spot from Clay Buchholz and go on to be the Baseball equivalent of Randy Moss. Or he could waddle into Spring Training, looking like he just got back from a double date with Rich Garces, Oprah and Rosie O’Donnell and be dropped from Pawtucket by Memorial Day. Either way this is going to be something to watch for. It’s like having an extra bullet in your pocket in duel with 6 shooters. Even though the chances of you using the 7th bullet isn’t that likely, it makes you feel a little better as you stand back to back with the other guy. Colon is the Red Sox 7th bullet right now, let’s just hopes he can fit in the gun if it gets to that point.
Actually, I’d settle for him fitting in the pocket right now.

~Sterling Pingree

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