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Friday, February 15, 2008

Super Bowl time mismanagement?

The Patriots went 18-0, than they lost the Super Bowl as all know. There has since been a video put out that question if the time was in fact kept correctly. If this video is correctly it raises a lot of questions. Did the NFL want the Patriots to lose this game, and is that why the clock was miss-managed? Was the game also being fixed by the referees, the New York Giants head coach ran onto the filed during the Giants final drive and touched a referee to make sure he got the timeout. In the rule book however if you touch a referee it is a 15 yard penalty and a fine from the NFL, instead the head coach go no fine or penalty but the time out was granted. I am not using this as the only excuse the Giants still had to make the plays and the Patriots had the game won and blew it, but you do have to take into consideration that an additional 50 seconds does help a team out. The link to the video is below and I suggest watching and making the assumption for yourself.



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