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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

poker/bowling.. ext... are SKILLS

Okay so I was thinking about this earlier today and I have come to the conclusion that I cannot stand that ESPN covers crap like poker and bowling! I don't not think that bowling or poker and bowling are sports. The same with Bass fishing when ESPN covers that stuff.

For the record people poker and bowling are SKILLS... nothing more and nothing less. You do not need to be in top shape or be athletic to get a strike or a hole in one, or even make a trick shot in pool. Pool is another one that is a skill not a sport. It just really gets to me that people in society can say that those things are legit sports. Yes you can argue that its a sport because people are competing BUT.... its just skill. There isn't any ability being showcased so therefore its not entertaining to me.

Thats all i have to say that poker,bowling and pool are not sports they are SKILLS!


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