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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Powe Knows

The Boston Celtics are at halftime with the defending NBA Finals champions, the San Antonio Spurs, and they’re leading. And I’ve heard two great things within this first half of basketball. The first was Bill Walton’s rant about today’s announcers Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy for criticizing Cedric Maxwell and his credentials for having his number retired. The second was a story about Leon Powe, or The story of Leon Powe.
Powe’s father left his family when he was just two years old. His mother was left to raise Leon and his 3 brothers and 2 sisters. When Leon was just 7 years old, one of his younger brothers accidentally burnt down their Southern California home. His family was forced to live in homeless shelters for a few years after that. With his mother working almost literally all day long, Leon was thrust into the role of surrogate parent for his younger siblings. At age 16, his mother passed away from a heart attack. Powe realized from an early age the importance of a good education and studied very hard for the SAT’s and got accepted to one of the best public colleges in the nation, not to mention his home town school, California, Berkley.
Powe was named PAC-10 Freshmen of the year his first year at Cal, but was sideline his sophomore year with a knee injury. He came back in 2006 and was named team MVP as well as being named Second Team All-American. His draft stock fell and he dropped to the second round where he was selected by the Denver Nuggets with the 49th overall pick, but quickly traded to the Boston Celtics.
Right now Leon Powe is receiving major minutes on the team with the NBA’s best record. Yes, I know Kevin Garnett is out with a strained abdominal and Kendrick Perkins is out right now too, but Powe is making the most of this opportunity. On January 29th, against the Miami Heat, Powe scored a career high 25 points, while grabbing 11 rebounds. In the four games since Miami, Powe has scored in double digits three times including hitting a winning put back at the buzzer to beat the Minnesota Timber wolves.
What a trip it’s been for Leon Powe. He’s seen the lows and he’s now seeing the highs. As we approach the all-star break, whatever happens the rest of this resurgent season for the Celtics; Powe knows......what can happen.

~Sterling Pingree

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