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Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Perfection Still Exists...At Least On A T-Shirt.

For every sports event there are winners and losers. When the event is big enough, there is fan apparel made beforehand. This means that even the losing team has apparel pre-made. When I went to the Red Sox game against the Twins in September (thanks to WZON for the tickets..they may not pay me great, but the perks are nice) they could clinch the AL East with a win and Yankees loss. The Sox won, and about three hours later the Yankees lost in extra innings. Amazingly enough, I sprint out to the street with the entire crowd of Red Sox fans rejoicing to see the Souvenir Shop already selling Red Sox AL East championship hats. Of course, I immediately went in and bought the first three ever sold at the price of 35 dollars each. The point of that entire story is this...

When one team loses, they have all kinds of merchandise that is completely useless. Sometimes you see these items end up on Ebay, or on a discount rack at K-Mart. This allows people that are either
A. wanting their team's merchandise, but are unable to pay for it at normal prices, or
B. slightly disillusioned in thinking their team still won buy the apparel.

The NFL this year decided that it is better to give than receive, and donated the merchandise to World Vision. World Vision is an organization that helps impoverished children survive. This year, they handed out the Patriots 19-0 merchandise to the poor children and families of Nicaragua. This allows them to have clothing, even if the XXL shirts and other larger than normal apparel for the players and fans doesn't fit perfectly. Also, I would think Patriot's fans would much rather have the perfection shirts on themselves, and the Giants shirts going to Nicaragua. One thing is certain though; in a world where there are horrible things happening every day, it's nice to see two imperfections equal a perfect situation.

~Aaron Jackson

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