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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Advertising

This year's Super Bowl brought not only a good game, and a great victory to New York, but it also brought some good commercials with it. In years past I have at points been let down by the advertisers who spend millions of dollars to make weak commercials. It seemed like it went back to basics this year. With the exception of a few bizarre ads most of the good ones in my opinion were based around simple humor that was easy to understand. For instance I saw the E*Trade commercial with the talking baby last night for the second time and couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was watching it. That along with the simplicity of Charles Barkley harassing Dwayne Wade on the T-Mobile My Faves commercial were two of the better ones. On the other side of things, they had a few which bothered me. Such as the Career Builder ad where the girl's heart explodes out of her chest and walks down the hall. That was wierd. And there was another one where some girl was playing a guitar in a field and the ad was for something that had nothing to do with girls, guitars, or fields at all. So for me it's all in the basic simple humor. I wish that the advertisers didn't try and over-do it with lame punchlines and Richard Simmons.


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