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Friday, February 15, 2008

Breaking Down the Top-12 Drivers, Part 5.

2. Jeff Gordon - 2007 was an excellent season for Jeff Gordon, if you forget the fact that he came within 3 races of winning his fifth championship. Gordon set a new modern era record with 30 top-10s in the 36 races, to go with 6 wins, and finished 77 points shy of the championship. With the exception of taking more risks and being more aggressive with his setups, Jeff Gordon doesn't need to change anything. His driving skill is as good as it's ever been, and perhaps this season he finally wins his fifth title.

1. Jimmie Johnson - Many people didn't think Johnson could best his 2006 season, in which he won 5 races on his way to his first championship. Last season, though, he won twice as many races - 10 - and won his second consecutive title. Johnson has only one goal, and that's to win his third straight title...something only Cale Yarborough has been able to do. However, Johnson can't dwell on that possibility because if it turns into an obsession, it could really hinder his progress, especially in the Chase. Another factor to consider is that in each of his championship seasons, Chad Knaus, crew chief of the 48 team, has been caught "pushing the envelope" (some like to call it cheating). If that were to happen the consequences would be devastating, as NASCAR has already said that this new car is not to be tampered with. If Johnson doesn't win his third straight, though, he'll undoubtedly finish in the top-5.

Aaron Larsen

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