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Saturday, February 9, 2008

* on sports?

Why do we continue to watch sports? How can you know what is real anymore, what is true and achieved purely? One of the best pitchers ever is accused of HGH and steroids, a female Olympian who broke records admitted to taking steroids. You had from 1999-2002 5 NFL football players die in the heat due to heart failure caused buy the heat but also found steroids and other lifting drugs in there system. With all of this going on why do people care so much for sports, don’t get me wrong I love sports and it will never change but not everyone was raised with sports in there life so I do not understand why they do not all say forget sports, everything and everyone cheats. Even a team who went 18-1 and went to the Super Bowl was found guilty of cheating by filming the other team’s signals and week one of the season. I was told by a buddy we watch sports to escape our lives. Another told me it’s because everyone love the underdog. I do it because it was what I was raised on and I and passionate about my teams no matter what else is going on in the sporting world. I only hope stuff gets better with sports because of this continues I am curious if people will distance themselves from sports or individual athletes.


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