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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yankee's remove Big Papi Jersey

The man is a mason - born and raised in the Country Club section of southeast Bronx.

"As I stuck it in, I said, 'The Yankees are done for the next 30 years.' I only put a 30-year curse because I'm 46 and in 30 years I'll be dead, and I won't care if the Yankees win then," said "Gino," who spoke from a construction job in Manhattan.

Already, the man's co-workers defaced his station wagon with Yankee slogans written in shoe polish. Long a Yankee hater, the turncoat hatched his plan last August after refusing to set foot on the job out of spite.

Since this has been reported the workers have dug into the cement and removed the Red Sox jersey so there would not be a "curse" on the Yankees.

It was a Red Sox big papi jersey that was buried and now with it being brought up, maybe its a symbolic sign that the person David Ortiz (big papi) will also awake from the bottom and start hitting like we know he can, instead of his dreadful .071 batting average he currently has!


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