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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Grand times. (Non-Boston Sports Fans Need Not Read)

I am sitting here catching up on Bill Simmons podcasts from last week. While listening to him talk to his buddy, House, I am reflecting on that is coming up in Boston sports, in the next couple days. The last 24 hours have seen two Red Sox come back victories in the last few, (they're starting to look locked in and October Clutch right now).
I saw one of the greatest hockey games i've ever seen. (Easily the best Bruins game I've ever watched, right behind UMaine beating UMass in triple OT in the Hockey Easy finals in 2004 and the 1999 National Championship game.) The Bruins playing inspirated hockey and swapping goals with the Habs for the entire third period and driving my dad nuts, forcing him to jump on and off the bandwagon 3 times in a 10 minute period simultaniously breaking all kinds of bangwagon records. The B's won, and now we have DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN, GAME 7. We're heading for heartbreak, the team is giving fans (and making new fans) reason to hope that they could dispatch of the hated rival, Canadiens. Just an all out exciting night last night, even leading to Jerry Remy wondering if the Bruins comeback inspired the Red Sox to best the Rangers.
The idea of Manny Ramirez becoming inspired by Marco Sturm has me laughing and being not positive why.
So here's the dream schedule that is actually taking place.

Sunday 1:37 Rangers at Red Sox (Sox winning 6-5 in a comeback win, a vintage Wakefield victory, 8 innings,5 earned runs and gets the W)

Sunday 8:30 Atlanta Hawks @ Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Playoffs Round 1 Game 1
The Celtics are the number one seed in the playoffs, OVERALL! This is going to be vintage of the Celtics end up in the Finals against the Lakers.

Monday 11:04AM Texas Rangers @ Boston Red Sox for the PATRIOTS Day Game. Gotta love the 11AM start on Marathon Monday in Boston. The pitching match up even reaks of intrigue as well, Kason (You traded me for Eric Gagne) Gabbard vs. Clay (I desperately need a nickname) Buchholz.

Monday 7:00pm Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens DUN DUN DUNNNNN GAME 7
The Sox and Bruins don't over lap each other, I can watch both games, no resentment. GO B's.

Tuesday 7:05pm Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Boston Red Sox, Jered Weaver vs. Josh Beckett
I know what you're thinking, I'm reaching looking forward to this mid-April match up of two teams that should make the playoffs. Maybe I am, but this is my maiden voyage of the 2008 season, my buddy Griff and I are heading down for this one.
Random stat: This will be my 8th game since the start of 2006, and the fourth time I've seen Josh Beckett pitch. How is that for numbers. (The others are, 2 Schilling, 1 Kyle Snyder, it was the end of 2006 and he actually threw a gem. Paps came in and left grabbing his shoulder, this was the equivalent of the JFK assassignation at Fenway Park. The other starer was Julian Tavarez, 2-1 loss to the Rangers, worst game I've ever seen at Fenway.)

Wednesday 7:05pm Angels @ Red Sox Gotta love baseball playing everyday.

Wednesday 8:05pm Hawks @ Celtics Game 2

Saturday Noon The NFL Draft. The Patriots hold the 7th overall pick. Are you ready for them to trade the pick for Chad Johnson?????????

You might want to be!

~Sterling Pingree

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