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Friday, April 25, 2008

For The Love Of Madden

It was recently announced that Brett Favre would be on the cover of the new Madden game. This comes as a surprise, as Madden's covers have always been current players, and unless they know something we don't, Favre is retired. I can think of two reasons this occured.

1. Frank Caliendo: This guy is hilarious. He does some of the best impersonations out there, and his John Madden is second to none. And he hits the nail on the head by saying that John Madden is in love with Brett Favre. Whenever John Madden talks about Brett Favre he just gushes. This leads me to believe that Madden forced EA Sport's hand on the matter, making them put Favre on the cover as a retirement present. Imagine that discussion between Favre and Madden.

Brett Favre: Well, gosh, I really do appreciate it John.
John Madden: I just hope it shows you how I truly feel for you.
Favre: What do you mean?
Madden: Well, I think it's better if I just sing you this song to show you how I really feel when I'm around you...
Favre: Uhhhh, John? I gotta go.
Madden: Wait, wait, wait...(cues music) One, you're like a dream come true....Two, just want to be with you...
Favre: (hangs up phone)
Madden: Three...Brett it's plain to see that you're the only one for me..and four...Brett, are you there? Brett?

2. The Madden Curse: I urge you to click on that link and see the list that is compiled of NFL players on the cover. I get that superstitions are that and nothing more, but this is beyond superstition. As far as I'm concerned after an event occurs 6 or more times in a ten year period, especially when it can only occur at a rate of one per year, it is no longer a curse. It is a fact. And wouldn't it make sense that all the current NFL stars refused to be put on the cover and they had to have some star power, and Favre was the obvious choice. Now, if somehow Favre gets injured within the next year we should just start putting people we want to get hurt on the cover. For what it's worth, heres my first nominee for the cover.

~Aaron Jackson

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