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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Winners and losers of the NFL Draft part 2

okay so the first part of this post was about who I thought the winners were in this years NFL draft. This time its all about who I thought were the losers in the draft and why I have given these teams that title.

The biggest loser in this draft goes to the Atlanta Falcons for drafting Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan. Don't get me wrong Matt Ryan is a good quarterback but the falcons didn't need to make that pick. One school of thought on this is that by picking Ryan the Atlanta faithful think that its saying we are done with Mike Vick.... WRONG! If that was the case then when Ryan was picked people wouldn't have said the words Mike Vick right off the bat... but they did. All Atlanta did was add more fuel to an already raging fire within the organization. Atlanta better hope that Ryan pans out fast because if not... I wouldn't put it past the Falcons to count the days until Vick gets out of prison....

Another team that left me scratching my head was the Tennessee Titans. They have a franchise quarterback in Vince Young, but there is just one problem.... he doesn't have a number one wide receiver that can make plays. So Tennessee goes out and drafts an okay wide receiver who's name I cant remember right now because he's not that big of a player. The point I'm trying to make is that any good quarterback will tell you that it makes a world of difference to have a number one wide out to throw to when you need a big play. Vince young can't keep carrying the Titans on just his legs alone... sooner or later the Titans will need to get Vince some real help.

~Derek Gause~

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