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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who is the better Athlete?

Okay earlier this past week something interesting was brought to my attention about an athletic comparison. As I was walking to the dining hall I was stopped by a couple of my friends and they had a question for me. The question was simply this... "Hey Gause who is the better athlete... Tiger Woods or the swimmer Micheal Phelps?"
micheal phelpsTiger Woods

Now I for one think its not even close... as in im saying that it's Tiger Woods in a land slide. Why? because all you have to do is compare swimming to golf and I think its pretty safe to say that it takes a lot more to hit a tiny ball into a hole then it does to swim a few laps in a fast time.

Now this blog is a short one because I want to see what everyone else thinks so tell me what you think by posting your opinions in the comment box.

~Derek Gause~

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