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Sunday, April 6, 2008

No Love for Brady Quinn

GM Phil Savage just doesn’t want to play nice. After publicly crowning Derek Anderson the 2008 starter, he’s continuing to push his agenda. Read his latest comments as published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"Coach Romeo Crennel reiterated there is competition at every position, including quarterback, at this year’s training camp. But Savage clarified those remarks. “The reality is you don’t give a guy $8 million and expect him to be in an open competition,” Savage said of incumbent starter Derek Anderson. “He would have to play really poorly and Brady (Quinn) would have to play lights out (to beat him out).”

So Phil what happened to that “quarterback of the future” talk from last year? How quickly we forget. Brady I guess should just take it easy. Just sit back and be complacent. Derek

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