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Monday, April 21, 2008

Hendrick has "Dream Team," but JGR has Kyle Busch

A lot of things go on in NASCAR, both on and off the track, but nothing seems to compare to the drama generated by the ability and desire of Kyle Busch, doing whatever he has to do to cross the finish line first.

A third place finish by the young marvel is just as exciting as when he wins. The kid seems to have so much energy racing for whatever position he needs to take. He's proved that he can drive anything and everything in his new stable - Joe Gibbs Racing.

So far, the 2008 season seems to be a dream season for Kyle Busch. He's won three straight Nationwide races, he's led the points standings in the Sprint Cup Series, he's won a race in the Sprint Cup Series, and has shown the "Champion in the Making" qualities that he was pegged with during his rookie year. He always does his best to win, no matter what type of car he has.

His car control is second to none and his instincts are seemingly perfect. Each day he matures, and as his wisdom develops and is stored, it becomes more pronounced. If he is as good as he is now, how much better can he become in the future? NASCAR fans can look forward to continued excitement.

Busch does not have legions of fans that stand and scream when he achieves, and there are not thousands of # 18 hats, shirts and jackets worn by adoring throngs.....yet. Perhaps he will never know the popularity of several of his peers. However, he does not seem motivated by numbers of fans who love him. Rather, his strong sense of self, faith in his ability, and the goals which he has set for himself keep him grounded. Success to him, will be measured by accomplishments.

Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon,Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Carl Edwards, Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth.....all the best, please know:

You've got serious company, and he's one tough competitor. Like him or not, he's fast, he's fearless, he's good, he's clean and he's honest. He has some positive and some negative. He'll be around for a long, long time and that is great for the sport of racing.

Aaron Larsen

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