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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Will Other Teams Figure Out New Car?

What if no other team figures out the new car and Carl Edwards keeps on winning? Every team does not have the same financial depth or technical expertise at its disposal. All teams are not created equal. Yet, it is the goal of NASCAR to provide exceptional and quality racing for fans, sponsors and all other interested parties every time the green flag waves.

If NASCAR is to achieve its goal of maintaining its long held superior standard in the sport of racing, it must continue to do everything in its power to assure that every organization under its influence has a fair opportunity to perform well. Doing so means being openly receptive to the suggestions, misgivings and problems incurred by owners, teams, drivers, crews, sponsors and support entities. It is short-sighted and unrealistic to expect things to go smoothly in the first year of running this new car of conundrum.

Testing of the car is a good thing and should be encouraged, supported and test sessions should be fully attended by every team, whenever scheduled. Experimentation during races is difficult enough, and can lead to disappointing performances for fans who have every right to expect the most for their money. Races that end with ten cars on the lead lap and a leader nine seconds ahead of a sad little pack are not good shows!

The best drivers in the sport are speaking out - not complaining - but voicing their opinions, and they have a right to be heard. Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. cannot all be wrong and not one of them has forgotten how to drive.

Listen to them and give them a chance to help improve and refine this new car.

Aaron Larsen

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