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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mike Vick ballin' it up in prison

Mike Vick

This past week it was brought to my attention that Mike Vick has been keeping in shape by playing football in prison. ESPN reported that Vick is the all time QB for both sides when him and his fellow inmates are playing.

At first I thought that he was playing in an actual league considering that some prison's have leagues where other inmates play against inmates from different prison's.I'm not at all surprised that Vick is playing quarterback, but I am surprised that this story wasn't broken sooner. It's funny to me because I honestly had forgotten all about Mike Vick all together until I saw the story about what he's doing in prison. I honesty forgot about him because I don't care about him and never really have, even when he was in the NFL. Then you throw in what he did with those dogs and that sealed the deal for me since I am a dog lover.

Anyways, I guess its nice that Vick is trying to keep in shape while he's in prison but i don't think playing with a bunch of convicts is really gonna help him get better or improve his mediocre quarterbacking skills that he had in the NFL. Yes he can run but that's about all he could do as far as I am concerned. If he does get reinstated when he gets out I think its going to be a rough up hill climb for Vick to come back to a game and perform at the same level he did, considering that he will have been out of it for 2 years. And when I mean perform at the level he did I mean athletically.... because like I said before his quarterbacking skills were not the greatest. But who knows maybe there's an inmate that he plays with that could help him improve in that department...

~Derek Gause~

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