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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Playoff beard

playoff beard

The Playoff beard is my favorite tradition that the NHL has during playoff time. It's something that every team does during playoff time, nobody shaves or cuts their hair until they either win the Stanley cup or they are eliminated from the playoffs. As you can see in the picture above.... some players really embrace the whole tradition. Now for all the hockey haters out there they probably think that it stupid. That's fine you have the right to your own opinion.. as do I. The playoff beard is unique in the sense that when you look at the players who have them.. you can see the story that it tells, showing that him and the team are going through hell to win the cup. And with each passing series.. the road gets tougher and longer and you can see it on their faces.

I also find the playoff beard interesting since it has been catching on in other sports such as basketball. The perfect example of that would be the Cleveland Cavaliers.. the past few years Lebron and company have embraced this tradition.
playoff beard

~Derek Gause~

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