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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hard times

In the words of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, (not to be confused with the American Dream Dusty Pedroia) "That is hard times."
That is exactly what this past week has been in Boston Sports. Let's recap.

The Red Sox beat the Angels in a classic comeback game at fenway, from then till they beat Doc Halladay tonight, they hadn't won a single game.

The Celtics won last wednesday in Game two of their first round series with the Atlanta Hawks. Since then? They lost two straight in the daunting confines of Phillips Arena (the word confines just doesn't work for basketball, definatly just a baseball word.)

So this afternoon I was sitting here about to read Bill Simmons latest marathon chat session, thinking to myself about how high I was riding just a week ago. I went to the Sox game with my buddy Griffin and we were talking about how we both thought the Celtics were going far in the playoffs and that the Hawks and even the Cav's didn't prove any match up for the 66 win Celtics. We gushed about the Red Sox who at that point were about to win about their 10th win in 11 tries and were absolutely firing on all cylinders. Since then, nothing good has happened, (except for Jerod Mayo to the Patriots, this is a good thing.....I think) but tonight we got an epic performance that when you couple it with the reverse jinx proficy dream that I had last night, makes it all that much more amazing.
I had a dream last night that Jon Lester gave up 7 runs in just 2+ innings tonight and the Sox got shut out by the DOC. The complete opposite happened, the DOC only shut them out for 8 2/3 innings and Jon Lester did the same through 8 innings. A stunning victory for the Sox, maybe tides are turning again with this win and the Celtics coming back to the TD Garden tomorrow night for game 5.
This could be the beginning of something again.

~Sterling Pingree

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