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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The NFL Draft

2008 NFL Draft

This weekend marks yet another NFL draft where the best college players will hope to be drafted to an NFL franchise. We wont have to wait for the Dolphins to make their number one pick since they already made theirs. I like the fact that there is already things moving and it's only Wednesday. I am interested to see who the Rams pick since technically they are going to make the number one pick now in a sense.

I like the draft up until it gets past the top 25 draft picks because after that I lose interest. And of course I usually stop watching after my team makes their pick... and I go back and forth to see the other picks that they make. But lets face it people... most of the country watches the draft just to see who the number one guy is... and which quarterback is going to be picked first. This year's class is lead by the Boston College standout Matt Ryan.
Matt Ryan

Ryan is easily the drafts favorite for this year when it comes to number ones or the quarterback of choice. The other thing that draws people in is the fact that there are always those top prospects who drop in the draft or go un-drafted. The network always does a good job of zooming in and capturing the emotion of that one top guy as he waits to hear his named called but doesn't hear it.

I will be tuning into the draft this weekend to see who goes where , who gets traded and who gets shafted.

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