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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Value Of It All

The NBA MVP has been something that is always contested, with multiple players always being able to make a case for the trophy. This year Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Chris Paul all can make a bid for the prize, and to me only one stands out.

Chris Paul is the 2008 NBA MVP. He is the MVP because he lead his team that no one thought could win to a top seed in the Western Conference. He is the MVP because he averaged 21 points and 12 assists a game. He is the MVP because his team was one of the only teams not to make a significant trade, yet he didn't say anything and continued to lead his team. He is the MVP because he took a team in New Orleans that no one cared about and made them care. He is the MVP because he was the Most Valuable Player in the league.

I get it. Kobe Bryant was "snubbed" for a few years in a row. Kevin Garnett took a team that was horrible last year and helped make them the best team in the league. Lebron James almost averaged a triple double and led the NBA in fourth quarter scoring. All these guys have claims to the MVP trophy. But none of them took a bunch of role players and led them to the top of a conference that is probably one of the toughest conferences ever in the NBA. Kobe didn't make his teammates all that much better, and he has much more talent around him than Paul. Garnett had two other superstars playing along side him, and his numbers are not overwhelming. Lebron's numbers are amazing, but his team wasn't that great and played in the weaker conference. Combine all those things and it means one thing; Chris Paul deserves the MVP. Kobe, you're going to have to settle for second place again.

~Aaron Jackson

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