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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wrestling Gimmicks

Pro Wrestlers characters have a special name, and that name is a Gimmick. Gimmicks are what makes the character special and entertaining. I'm not going to talk about good gimmicks though, I'm going to be talking about the art of bad gimmicks. Does anyone remember the Repo-Man? Now I really feel bad for that guy considering his gimmick before that was being a part of the team known as Demolition. I would have loved to have been in the room when the creative writing team was there deciding to make the Repo-Man character. That gimmick was so annoying because his attire consisted of a cheap Zorro like mask, a shaggy old trench coat and one overweight out of shape guy that couldn't fit into it. The most irritating thing about this was his dumb saying that he had that went like this.... "Whats yours is mine and whats mine is yours!" A gimmick that's even worse than that was from 2006 that was known as The Spirit Squad. Yes the Spirit Squad was a group of guys who were Cheerleaders. They all would come out with big megaphones yelling their names like girls along with doing a dumb cheer. In their defense only one of them managed to survive and still has a career in the WWE but still, whoever thought that having GUY cheerleaders was cool should of been fired.

In Pro Wrestling these days it seems that the creative writing teams are just getting lazy and making up complete b.s. As a wrestling fan I am disappointed in how bad the gimmick creating has gotten, especially in the WWE. TNA isn't any better, considering last week on their telecast they had someone ripping off Stone Cold Steve Austin's gimmick. That's the way of it now, its either they re-create something or they have someone rip it off or copy another gimmick completely. The fans have been letting promoters know since the outcry of booing throughout arenas is getting louder by the show. Do the companies do anything to change things up? No of course they don't and they probably never will since they don't care about the fans like they claim, they just care about the Benjamin's.


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