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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where's Marino?

It's unfortunate that I have to come out in the open with this, but I have very little to write about and very little time to work with. I am a Miami Dolphins fan. Yes, I said it. The worst team in the NFL is my team of choice.
My "Fish" were as they say, "Squished" this past season in just about every game. To be honest I only got to see them play on TV one time this year and that was enough for me. The old saying "Better luck next year" couldn't do this team enough justice.
My only hope is that the new acquisition of Bill Parcells will bring a little life to the program and get it back to the days of Dan Marino and Don Shula. The Dolphins have a great history in Miami, not to mention that they hold the record of being the only team to ever go undefeated and win a Super Bowl. That record will soon be handed over to the football powerhouse that is the New England Patriots.
I have to say however, that I feel like my hopes are in vain for any kind of success next season. Parcells may bring a little life to the program and they may win more than one game, but I will still cringe every time they announce the name Cleo Lemon. Which in case you didn't know is the queerest name in football.

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