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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Old NHL...

Today's NHL is high scoring, fast paced and NO DEFENSE. Hockey is my favorite sport and I loved how the old NHL used to be. Defensive battles and low scoring games are what I like to see in hockey and that's gone now. Low scoring games with great defense made the games so much more meaningful and exciting to watch, especially during playoff time. Yes since the NHL came back from its strike a couple of years ago, they have had some good changes. For example the fact that they got rid of two-line passing was just genius! And whats more important is the fact that they got rid of ties and brought in shootouts. For some fans that was great because it meant more scoring, but for me it meant goodbye old time hockey :-(

I love the 1-0 games or the 3-2 games that lasted into 5 overtimes but you barely see it in today's NHL. It's gotten to the point where i can only watch games when I am here at school because ESPN dropped hockey coverage after the strike. This is going to sound ridiculous but the biggest thing that i have a problem with in the "new" NHL is the uniforms. I am so happy that my team The Detroit Red Wings, have stuck to their original uniforms. Most of the teams in the NHL today have thrown away tradition and have these hideous modernized jerseys. Another reason is since 2004 teams have worn dark jerseys at home and white on the road, they never used to do that. Do they think they are the NFL or something? It almost ruins it for me because its confusing at times and its something i have never gotten use to. I hope that the NHL commissioner realizes that fans like me out there want some of the old tradition brought back to the NHL.


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