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Friday, January 18, 2008

Destination Glendale Arizona?

Everyone states that they like pressure and are clutch athletes. Growing up you wanted to be the next Michael Jordan, or maybe the next Joe Montana. When you look at pressure and the strain of a grueling 16 game regular season and post season, you have to admit that the New England Patriots are destined for a dynasty. When looking at this season thus far, how many teams can even handle the pressure of trying to stay perfect? The answer to that (after the 1972 season) is no one. Not one team was able to, even with 14 games in a row, there were NFL games added to the season since the ’72 season and with the NFL the goal is to have all teams equal and not a single team far superior. Well this year the Patriots were accused and found guilty of being cheaters (even though personally I believe that many teams have done this and Pats were just the ones to get caught). If it was a different team with fewer achievements over the past 8 seasons this would be a moot point if it was the Arizona Cardinals that had spygate, you really think anyone would talk about this? New England has been so successful they’ve been and are this season people won’t let it go.

What, in return, do the Patriots do? They work hard every day at the razor (a.k.a. Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass). They eat their “humble pie”…which is a t-shirt Adalius Thomas made and passed out to the entire team which reminds them to “be humble or get humbled.” There were a couple teams’ coaches (Wade Phillips and Tony Dungy) as well as players from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers and other organizations that felt it necessary to have their moment in the spot light by attacking the New England organization, stupid move as we then contained or exploited that player embarrassing him and running through each of there respective teams. Simply put by Rodney Harrison, “you talk, we produce” and that is what the New England Patriots organization has been doing over the past 8 seasons. This isn’t knew to Patriot fans, every year there are players on other organizations who come out and attack the New England franchise and add fuel to the Patriots fire. As you know all automobiles need fuel to run, and the attacks on Harrison, Belichick and the franchise are what drive the New England Patriot automobile. It looks like this year the fuel is driving them straight to Glendale, Arizona and Super Bowl XLII.

The Pat’s are also destined for greatness in the future. New England has (via San Francisco) the 7th pick in the NFL draft this year. They may keep that or trade down for multiple picks and this is after being docked there own first round pick due to “spygate”. Their entire front three in their 3-4 defense are all under the age of 30 (Seymour, Wilfork and Warren). For now we just have to wait and see what happens this Sunday at the Razor vs. the Chargers game, but this franchise does not look like they are falling apart anytime soon, this franchise that is currently 17-0 and won 4 out of the last 6 Super Bowls, and the intricate parts of the team (Brady and Belichick) are both signed under contract to be with one another in New England for a minimum of five years,


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NescomCollegiates said...

Good post Ryan, one minor error though it's the 7th overall pick not the 7th round. It's great to be a New England sports fan these days.

Nathan Fournier