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Thursday, January 17, 2008



We are just 5 guys on a mission. Nope not really, that was more over dramatic than T.O's post game interview after the Cowboy's loss to the Giants in the Divisional playoffs and Dick Vermeil combined. To quote "The Great Dennis Green" "We are who you thought we were"
Look we're 5 guys who are taking a class and 4 of which are trying to graduate on time (Derek might go back we're not really sure yet about him).
Jackson. What can I say, he is the unofficial master of the of the unbuttoned collared shirt, the same one all the time.
Derek. He is the inspiration of this website. (Sorta, the teacher made a comment about him in the back of the room, we 5 minutes later needed a title and BOOM! a blog is born. Gotta love the Internet).
Aaron. Pretty much the one holdover from the Nascar explosion of 1997. I feel at this point you need this token member of any sports group. Read him, so we don't have to hear about Jeff Gordon's "dominance" anymore. PLEEASEEEE
Olderman. Once upon a time this young man was lost. He was lost in a glass case of emotion and t-shirts with expletives written about some of the greatest baseball players of this generation. Now he has reformed his ways so that he is more of a bandwagon fan than that girl who went to your high school who pretended to love sports while really just picking the teams who won everything or the Lakers (because she likes purple an thinks Kobe was innocent.)
Sterling. Well, I'm just a limousine riding, lear jet flying kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun. I'm almost the oldest ride in the park, but I still have the longest line in the park. WOOO!

Check back soon for more, (it will actually be about sports........probably).
NFL playoffs, there's gotta be something right?


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Seth said...

Good luck gang. Here is one of my favorite Blogs.