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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Bits O' Info"

There is too much going on in the sports world right now to simply bore people with one topic, so I decided to cover a few topics in my first ever "Bits O' Info" post. Yes, I partially stole the name from the little piece of candy Bit O' Honey, but does anyone really like that thing anyway? Come on, you know the first thing you did as a kid on Halloween after trick or treating is sort out your candy and get rid of those things. Don't deny it. Here we go:

Johan Santana to the Mets is absolutely huge for them. They needed him more than any other team in the running for him. That being said, the Twins are dumb for taking that package. It has been shown time and time again in baseball that quality over quantity is the way to go. Both the Yankees and Red Sox packages offered better quality. As a Red Sox fan I am disappointed Theo didn't do a little bit more to get it done for multiple reasons. I agree with most of what Sterling said in his post, no need to state those points again.

Erik Bedard to the Mariners, while still not being finalized, is a great deal for the Mariners. They have a team built to win now, and adding him allows them to finally get over the hump that is the Angels in my opinion. They need a big bat in that lineup, but there really isn't one out there to get, they might as well upgrade where they can. On the Orioles side, Peter Angelos continues to show exactly why the Orioles organization will never compete with the elite teams in the AL. They need to get rid of him as part of the rebuilding process.

Chris Webber signed today with the Golden State Warriors. I think this is a horrible deal for them. They acquire a player who is the opposite of their team philosophy. He is a set offense guy who needs the ball to contribute, and they are a fast break team that is controlled by Baron Davis. Sure, they can say they needed the size, but in their system they need guys that can run the floor, and he can't. They should have just played Brandan Wright more, he is perfect for their system if he can get out of Don Nelson's dog house.

The best team in the NBA as far as I'm concerned? Look no further than the New Orleans Hornets. They are playing amazingly well right now, and have the right mix of talent to go deep into the playoffs. The Celtics may have the best record, but their age and lack of depth is starting to show. The Hornets have legit stars in Chris Paul and David West, a true center who is great defensively in Tyson Chandler, a great shooter in Peja Stojakovic, and a great mix of veterans and young guys as a supporting cast. But don't take my word for it. You can listen live to every Hornets game for free right off NBA.com. Just click that link, go to listen live on the left side of the page, and click on the Hornets. It does require an NBA.com account, but it's free.

Some interesting things going on before the Superbowl. The Giant's seem a little over confident, but I like it. There is no reason to think they can't win this game the way they have played recently, and I am fine with them wanting to say that. That being said, the Patriots will still beat them. They have the better team, and the better team wins most of the time in the end. They have put a jinx on themselves however by allowing people to pre-order the book "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots". They had it on Amazon.com for a short while, and although it is taken down now that can not be good karma.

And finally, how about the "Cameron Crazies" at Cameron Indoor Stadium last night? With ten seconds to go on the shot clock the entire crowd yelled a countdown from 3 to 0, confusing Tennessee women's basketball player Angie Bjorklund, a freshman, into taking a ill advised three. The result? She nails it, and the Duke Blue Devils end up losing by that same margin, 67-64. I looked for the video but couldn't find it, if someone does add the link in the comments. As a North Carolina fan nothing makes me prouder than seeing Duke lose because of their ridiculously obnoxious home crowd and home court advantage.

~Aaron Jackson

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