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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Super bowl...... a Holiday?

In the spirit of super Sunday I thought I would talk about how the Super Bowl might as well be a holiday in this country.The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year in the sport of football, as well as the granddaddy of all major sports championships. For me the Super Bowl has always felt like a holiday because of all the preparation that my father and I have put into it over the years. The first thing my father and I use to take care of was the biggest essential of them all...... HOT WINGS! What is the Super Bowl meal with out hot wings? The next thing was taking care of all the various chips and dips along with the drinks. But the biggest thing that has always been tradition was watching all of the Super Bowl highlights leading up to the game courtesy of NFL Films.

Basically, my point is that Super Bowl Sunday has become so huge in this country with everyone who has traditions that it should be a holiday. Yes i know some people will argue that its only a sport but I was one of those kids who usually took that Monday after the big game off from school. Hell even some of my teachers excused students from coming because they were aware that kids stayed up and partied during the Super Bowl. I think I have a valid case/point when it comes to the Super Bowl being an official holiday. I think some day that maybe congress or somebody in power will consider making the greatest game ever a national holiday.


melanie said...

who wrote this?

the double deuces said...

Derek did.

Lucas said...

I hate the Patriots with a burning passion.

melanie said...

Since when is 'i' not capitalized?

the double deuces said...

okay not trying to be rude but unless my eyes are fooling me... I only did that once the rest of the "i's" are capitalized.. come on that comment was not needed in my opinion.