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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Best NFL Franchise ever?

Sitting at the Patriots AFC championship game and watching the game, it had me wondering--, is this the best team EVER in the NFL? The Patriots as you know are 18-0, and have not looked back once this year. There have been several “dynasty’s” the Steelers in the 1970s, the 49ers in the 1980s, and the Cowboys in the 1990s. The Patriots have been the team of the new millennium without argument. These are reasons why I feel the Patriots are the best “dynasty” out of all of the ones prior.

* This is going to be their fourth trip to the Super Bowl in seven years.

* The Patriots have 3 Super Bowl championships.

* Tom Brady is a 2-time Super Bowl MVP and 1 time regular season MVP

* In my opinion, Bill Belichick is the best head coach that has been seen in at least 20 years

* The Patriots always have players knocking on the door to join New England, just by the fact year after year players take pay cuts to join the team or stay with this team.

* This is in the salary cap era, which makes it more impressive because of the money limit you can spend, and that makes it more difficult to win on a consistent basis.

* The Patriots have lost 3 assistant coaches, despite all of that the franchise keeps rolling.

Those reasons along with the fact they have lost key players to other teams that wanted more money (Ty Law, Will McGinest, Daniel Graham, Deion Branch and Lawyer Milloy) just to name a few and the Patriots just plug in the hole and replace them with someone new. Everything this franchise does is a class act; they donate more money to charities than any other organization in the league. The Patriots owner Robert Kraft (who was to be a season ticket owner) spent most of his own money out of pocket to get the Patriots a new stadium (which opened in 2002). This organization has been so successful in the past they have there franchise set up for the future as well. That makes you wonder with no signs of bad times ahead how long can this team stay on the top and keep the ball rolling. I believe this organization is only at the half way point and still have a solid 6 to 7 more years left in them on top the NFL.



melanie said...

who wrote this?

Anonymous said...

Inside the NFL had some interesting stats comparing Marino to Brady. Brady reached his 100th win, much quicker than Marino.