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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Major League Baseball (MLB) has there all star game decide who gets home field for the World Series. With the announcement of the NBA all star game this past week, it got me to wonder… should the National Basketball Association (NBA) do the same thing. Let’s take a look at the positive and negatives of an All star game in the NBA with incentives:


1.) All the athletes would play competitively.

2.) No athletes would say they did not want to play or “rest up” for the second half of the season.

3.) With the “egos” of some of the players it would mean a lot more to win the All star game MVP, since you knew everyone gave it there best.


1.) The players that were hurt may try to “push” themselves because of the importance of the game

2.) The head coach of the all star game could try to “over work” players on teams that are competitive in the conference

3.) There is a much greater of risk of injury and not all the All stars may get in that way

If you look at the overall body of work and how the MLB plays the game, it seems like it would indeed be a good idea to have the NBA consider having the All star game decide who would get home court in the NBA finals.


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melanie said...

It's "THEIR" not "there." Aparently you all need a refresher course on this so I'll be going over it in class with a quiz on Thursday...