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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Professional Wrestling is a real sport

I was originally going to talk about the San Diego Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers and the reasons why i don't like him. Instead i decided to make my first post about my number one passion, Professional Wrestling.

Now when most people hear the term Pro Wresting they automatically assume or utter the words "Pro Wrestling is fake." I would like to say to all those nay sayers that you don't know what you are talking about. Yes there are certain aspects and factors that are fake in Pro Wrestling for example, the story lines and the outcomes of matches are pre- determined. It really irritates me that the public is ignorant to the fact of how physical it actually is. You want to sit there and call it fake? try landing on a mat that's solid wood covered with a THIN layer on top of it every night for 365 days straight with no breaks and living out of a suitcase going from town to town. Yes its sports entertainment but society doesn't realize that these men and women go out every night and put their bodies on the line for the sake of the fans. The biggest thing that screams how real the sport is is the disclaimer that the WWE has that says please don't try this at home. Another reason that makes it a legit sport is the fact that wrestling is involved, last time i checked wrestling is a sport at the professional level. People think you can just show up and become a pro wrestler overnight.... WRONG it takes years to develop a style and learn how to take falls and learn all the basic holds and maneuvers.These type of work is not for everybody in my opinion Professional Wrestlers are the best athletes in the world considering the fact that they don't get an off season to recover and that they go out and perform no matter how bad they are hurt.

basically if you have any assumptions about Professional wrestling being fake, you should take another look and actually sit down and take a closer look at the sport before judging its realness.

~Derek Gause~

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melanie said...

The guys that star in "Jackass" also have a disclaimer that says 'don't try this at home' -- does that make the antics on Jackass seem more real?