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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bedard Deal Off.

Just because I'm getting tired of all the posts in this blog pertaining to the Patriots and the Superbowl and everything New England, I'm gonna try and stay away from it. I don't feel like I need to stay with this apparent trend of posting blogs that are about nothing but New England sports and anything to do with them.

Pitchers and catchers still don't report to spring training camp for just over two weeks now, but there is still a lot happening in the world of baseball. For instance, there has been much talk of Baltimore Orioles lefty Erik Bedard and a possible trade to the Seattle Mariners.

I know nobody here probably cares much about teams and sports news outside of New England, but I find it funny how the Orioles' front office has done everything in their power to kill this organization. Peter Angelos, the owner of the Orioles, has been involved in quite a bit in these past few seasons. In what should have been rebuilding years, have turned into more disaster for the team. He gets overly involved in front office deals, such as the trade to get rid of shortstop Miguel Tejada or the non-trade of Brian Roberts.

Efforts such as these have come too late for this franchise, as these past few seasons have turned into years where Angelos hopes to squeeze everything he can out of a relatively aging crew, mixed in with some horrible pitching staffs. Bedard is a solid pitcher, and has entered the prime of his career as evidenced by his breakout 2007 season, but what good is that gonna be when he's passed his peak and these young players already on the team pass him by? The team has been right in wanting to build around young talent like Nick Markakis, in the hopes of giving Markakis something to work with acquisitions through deals for Tejada and Roberts, but they've failed to pull the trigger on some of these deals.

However, whether because of lack of effort or not getting what they thought they'd get with some of their offseason free agent signings, Baltimore just hasn't reached the level of the Red Sox and Yankees. And they won't get there, either, if they continue down the path they're on right now.

And, just because somebody here will want me to put something in about a New England team or how it pertains to New England sports fans and teams, if the Orioles were to deal Erik Bedard for some younger talent, it would take away any concerns about Boston having to struggle against a solid left-handed pitcher during the regular season.

Aaron Larsen

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