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Sunday, January 27, 2008

This boot IS made for walking.

“This is what it’s all about. Psych outs being used, tactics being used. Cat and mouse, this is what the championship is all about”
~Jesse “The Body” Ventura

This opening quote came from the Governor while he was color commentator for Wrestle Mania V along side Gorilla Monsoon. He used it to describe the Main Event between Hulk Hogan and Champion Macho Man Randy Savage. This keeps coming to my mind as the first week of Super Bowl hype has now come to and end and teams are starting to fly to Glendale and actually play the game, in another week. Not to pound this into the ground, Tom Brady wore a boot and then he didn’t. As a Patriots fan I should have been jumping off the Tobin Bridge at the sight of this, but after the initial shock I saw the genius of it. The Belichick in it, if you will.
This is a tactic, a psych out as Jesse “The Body” said. Bill Belichick is like no coach we have ever seen before. We have seen coaches use the injury report to mess the other team’s mind and make them prepare for the possibility of facing the back up quarterback or make the opposition think that they will be facing a depleted pass rush. But this, this take the cake in terms of messing with your opponent’s mind. Bill Belichick, not only had Tom Brady wear the now infamous walking boom in New York on Monday( in New York of all places too) he then had him reappear outside of his super model girlfriend Giselle Bundchen’s Manhattan home hours later, NOT wearing the boot. Within 24 hours, Belichick made his stud quarterback look potentially injured and then made him look like Superman emerging from the phone booth. Here’s where the genius comes in. Thursday’s practice is open to the media for the first 15 minutes only and then they have to leave. Brady was presumed to be ready to go and had been widely judge by the court of public opinion to have only a mild high ankle sprain that wouldn’t limit him in practice. BRADY WASN’T THERE WHEN THE MEDIA WAS!
How brilliant is that? Suddenly the media is up in arms again about his condition. Just when it couldn’t get hotter, he sat out the same stretch of Friday’s practice as well. Now you may be thinking to yourself that these are a series of events that probably weren’t planned by Belichick or done intentionally by the Patriots. Here’s what sealed it for me, here’s what told me that everything was fine in Patriot Place.
At his Thursday press conference Belichick seemed to be very pleased with himself and what he had done during the week, especially when asked about Brady’s ankle. Of course he didn’t answer the question at all, he never does. This time however, he took particular humor out of giving the media the run around his starting quarterback.
Only once have I ever witnessed a coach using mind games as much as Belichick has this first week heading into Super Bowl XLII and that came in the Pioneer Bowl. Never heard of it? Well it’s complicated but here’s the brief history, as researched on Wikipedia.org. The Pioneer Bowl was played between West Texas University and the Minnesota Screaming Eagles in 1993, that’s right it happened on an episode of Coach, starring Craig T. Nelson as Coach Hayden Fox. Coach Fox gave his playbook to his former coach who he ended up having to face in the fictional National Championship game of 1993. To try and equal the playing field again, he has his star quarterback Bo Whitley, fake a back injury during a limbo competition during their pre-game Luau. Whitley sits out the entire game, until the final series and then leads the Screaming Eagles to a very “Brady-like” comeback victory.
That’s the standard for coaching head games. Hayden Fox is the master at this moment. So while this coming week seems to be more predictable in that Brady will practice and will have his mandatory talk to the media on Wednesday. Or will he aggravate his “bad ankle” during a mysterious late night walk through at the team hotel?
“This is what the term Main Event was made for.”
~ Jesse “The Body” Ventura

~Sterling Pingree

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