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Friday, July 18, 2008

World of late night

It's past midnight so it's officially Friday, and the best news about that is the Red Sox play tonight. I am going nuts with out something to watch and for some reason there was an abbreviated schedule of games tonight. The world is righted today then but in the mean time there was some action on Thursday, one in particular made this Troubadour very happy.

~Sexson signs with the Yankees.
This is a move that you knew the Yankees were going to make at some point, they make two moves a year at this time and this is the first one. It fits the bill of what they usually do, think back to the Jose Canseco's and Glenallen Hill's, Richie Sexson fits the exact same mold. I don't give many but here is a fantasy tip, pick up Richie Sexson for the next couple weeks because he's going to go on fire, but after he does, he is going to go to hell in a hand basket. This type of player always starts hot and then goes away completely come crunch time. That being said, this isn't a bad move for the Yankees, because how long is Jason Giambi either A. Going to stay healthy, or B. Going to keep ripping home runs and being a liability at first base. Sexson will never provide good average or better than Giambi and apparently he won't provide more power, but he is better defensively, but all in all, I think Sexson compares to Giambi's skill set but not favorably at all.

~ Joe Blanton has just been traded to the Phillies for three minor leaguers.
I was reading Rob Neyer (I won't provide a link because it was on the insider and I hate that) earlier and he was talking about whether or not Billy Beane was going to deal Street, Duchscherer and Blanton all this season after trading Harden and Gaudin. His conclusion was Duchscherer's value would never be higher (he's leading the league in ERA right now) and now would be the time if Beane is going into full rebuilding mode. Street hasn't been mentioned much, and then he mentioned that it seemed Philly and Oakland had been talking about Blanton today. The deal is now done and it's a great deal for the Phillies for the stretch run anyway, I haven't heard a lot about the package that Oakland got in return but my guess is that I will hear a lot of them the next two seasons and probably at the Coliseum. Philadelphia can make a legit run this year, they have the offense to do so, it's the pitching that they don't have. Hamels is an ace in the making but hasn't put together the steady numbers to become a solid match up against a Sabathia, Harden, Sheets or Zambrano. Blanton lengthens their rotation and helps them out a lot even giving them the chance to use Brett Myers (called back up this weekend) as a reliever a role that he thrived in last season.
Selfish side note on Duchscherer, I would love to see the Red Sox get into the bidding on him. He has been a terrific middle reliever in his career and is throwing well as a starter right now. He would fill the void as the "long" reliever on the team if need be, and also could be the dominant set up man that the team needs this season, because right now nobody is stepping up. If the price is right, I would think Theo might call Beane and kick the tires on Street or Duchscherer.

~Mike Hampton left his rehab start tonight in the 2nd inning with soreness in his groin. This also just in, the world is round, tax day is in April and gas prices suck. Thought I would point out the other things that were painfully obvious while I was at it.

~David Ortiz hit a bomb tonight in Pawtucket's 15-6 victory. The report from Rhode Island is saying that his swings looked good and that he wasn't holding anything back. I have my tickets ready to see him play in Portland next Tuesday and by the sounds of it, I better make sure I get there in time for batting practice because the Big Fella is gonna put on an absolute show.

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