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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where we are at 5:41pm Tuesday

With all of the blogs and updates out there swirling, I have to decided to take it upon myself to be the filter and only relay news on things that involve the World Champion (an under used phrase this season) Boston Red Sox.
Here's where we stand as of 5:41pm on Tuesday:
Manny has been shopped to the Mets, Omar Minaya wants him, but the organization doesn't want him. They seem to be more interested in a cheaper alternative such as Raul Ibanez. The Mets are expected to wait till the last possible second so they can have all the information about Ryan Church before going ahead and looking for his replacement.
The Dodgers are the most likely suitor at the moment with the likely deal involving Matt Kemp or James Loney. Kemp seems to be the one that Boston covets but in all of the news involving this trade, it involves the Red Sox turning around and trading Kemp to Atlanta for Mark Teixiera.
My take: This all makes sense until you get to the nuts and bolts of where people are going to play. I think Teixiera is a solid replacement for Ramirez in a sea of rentals and lesser alternatives. The problem for me is where would he play? Both Youkilis and Teixiera are gold glove first basemen with similar athleticism. Youkilis has had to play the outfield this season and has in his career, but do you really want to move him to a new position for the second time in his career after he has already become a gold glover at his first new position? I don't really think so. Teixiera's bat would fit into the line up perfectly, a switch hitter with power in the middle of the line up, makes the team very versatile and a tough match up for pitchers. I just don't see both of these deals happening right now, too much in the way.
EDIT: Teixiera was just traded by the Braves to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephan Marek. Maybe now they won't bat Izturis 3rd? Just a thought.

The name that has been thrown around today is Doug Brocail. He is a solid reliever from Houston and the time that I saw him pitch this season against Boston he was lights out and gave the Astro's a win in the Sunday game. He would be a good addition to the struggling bullpen right now, and would come at a decent price. The other rumor from Houston that broke last night has the Red Sox obtaining Miguel Tejada from Houston, with nothing known of what the Red Sox would have to give up. The Red Sox spoke last night and said that they have no interest in Miguel Tejada, but it's still Tuesday so there is still time before the Thursday deadline for the talks to come back if they happened in the first place.
My take: The possibility of trading Julio Lugo for Miguel Tejada has me down right giddy. Imagine Ortiz, Ramirez and Tejada in the middle of the Red Sox line up for the rest of the season, that would be production unlimited especially with what they have around them in the order. Do I think Tejada will come to Boston? No, not if it doesn't involve Manny Ramirez, but the rumor today is that Houston still thinks that they are in the running for the playoffs, (doubt it) and aren't selling off pieces. Though if Houston did want to dump some salary they would be taking 5 million off by getting Julio Lugo back for Tejada who is set to make 14 million opposed to Lugo's 9 million.
Brocail seems like something that will happen, since the Red Sox haven't been named in anything to do with Ron Mahay and Brian Fuentes seems to be staying put with the Rockies.

The Sox are also kicking the tires on Taylor Teagarden the catching prospect from the University of Texas who is currently in the Texas Rangers system and has played a couple games in the majors this season. The Red Sox need to be looking at catchers as Jason Varitek goes to free agency this off season. Though right now seems like an odd time to be talking about moves like this.

More as it comes down.
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