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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I'm not even going to use the tired line of, "I'm not the kind of guy to say I told you so, but, I told you so." I'm not even going to mess around with that, because I don't need to. I told you so last week when the Red Sox were in Tampa, that the easiest move and the smartest move to make would be to put Justin Masterson in the bullpen and bring Clay Buchholz back into the rotation. Buchholz has been very good in 9 starts in Pawtuckett holding an era well below 3. Masterson has really impressed me as of late, and not just his start at Yankee Stadium, but he also made an appearance on a Red Sox show on NESN and had some funny comments to make when asked about the Timlin Road Race. "I don't really like to run. But my wife is running in it for me." That's the kind of kid I like. And here is what he had to say about his demotion to Pawtuckett and move to the bullpen, from this morning's Boston.com column:

"I'm excited," said Masterson, who will make his first relief appearance for Pawtucket tomorrow, and is scheduled to pitch again Friday and Sunday. "This is nice. When I got here I kind of knew with the great starting staff we had that when they get healthy they're going to do their job. They want me to go down and get some relief work down there and that's what I'm gonna do." Boston.com

He is the kind of guy that will take a move like this and run with it. He is glad to have a role with the major league club and that is what has been given to him with this move.

Dice-K looked about as good as I have seen him last night, he was able to get out of trouble in the first inning which always seems to give him a lot of problems this year. But he kept his pitch count down the next couple of innings which has been the key to his longevity in games throughout his young career in the states. When his count gets up in the 80's by the 3rd inning you know it's going to be a short night not matter how well he pitches in the 4th and 5th innings. The offense just wasn't there last night, but it was still a very entertaining ball game to watch and the American Dream Dusting Pedroia is now making a run a the batting title with this white hot streak he's on right now. Manny is even showed signs of life last night. Things could be looking up, I know I feel good about Lester going for the Sox tonight.

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