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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Floating down the river.

It's an off day. The Red Sox aren't playing, so what would be the greatest thing to do with myself tonight?

Go to one of my best friend's Bachelor Party tonight. We are floating down a river on a home made raft that the groom built yesterday, don't worry we will be properly hydrated all night. All 15 of us. We tried to do the math of how many 55 gallon barrells to secure to the bottom today. We're pretty screwed, but it's a bachelor party, so it's gonna be a story to tell if any of us even make it to the wedding. Anyway the wedding is Saturday, so I am going to be reaching for scores all weekend and really won't have a lot of time for columns. Bill Simmons recently said he is taking 10 weeks off from columns, (he will continue the podcast's, I am actually listening to one right now) so I am going to take a shorter sabbatical and take a break until probably Monday with a nice little home run derby preview. I might write it Sunday night, maybe not.

Did I mention that there's an after party after the reception Saturday?

See you Monday.

Sterling Pingree

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