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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shaun Alexander Signs With The Patriots?

Updated 11:24 AM, July 10th: Looks like we may have jumped the gun on this one, as there is still no official word on this story. I'm guessing it will happen soon if it does, but who really knows with the Patriots. They always keep things well under wraps. I'll be sure to post something more official as soon as I have it.

11:15 PM: Props to my good friend Ryan Olderman for this story. There has been tentative interest in Shaun Alexander from the Patriots for some time now, and Alexander has been not so tentative in expressing his interest in the Pats, now it seems the two sides have came together and the Pats have signed Alexander for the veteran minimum. While I have yet to find official word on this, it seems like a good match. The Pats have a decent running back core in Laurence Maroney and Sammy Morris, plus Kevin Faulk as a pseudo-reciever in the backfield, so it can't hurt to add a little depth to the position. Especially when you consider the fact that Alexander isn't too far removed from being considered an elite back in the NFL and leading his team to a Super Bowl. You've got to think the guy has something in the tank still, even if the shelf life on running backs is significantly smaller than other positions. Worst case scenario he has nothing left and is cut. In the NFL most money in contracts is non-guaranteed, so the Pats most likely won't lose much if he doesn't pan out. If he does pan out they add another good piece to what is already the best offense in the league. I'll try to get some more sources to confirm this if not tonight than early tomorrow, but I thought I would continue in the White Hat tradition of getting breaking news out even before ESPN.

~Aaron Jackson

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