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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tom Brady at risk?

Do the patriots need a new or younger offensive line? Was the patriots offensive line exposed last year in the super bowl? Well according to the statistics from last season, Tom Brady was sacked the fewest in the league last year but was hit the third most. That means 45 times after he threw the ball he was hit. The patriots put Brady (there franchise player) and there long term success at risk. By making Brady throw so many times a game there is more chances for him to get hurt, and also tires out the offensive line. By the time the patriots get into the fourth quarter, one must assume that the offensive line is tired each being 300lbs or more. I think they need to work on quick screen passes and there running game like they use to; and by doing that they can protect Brady for many years to come.

The order is Hits Sack Total:

1.) Jon Kitna Lions 38 45 83

2.) Donovan McNabb Eagles 27 43 70

3.) Tom Brady Patriots 45 23 68


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