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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kobe Bryant and Duke

Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers who is arguably the best currently player in the NBA said he regret not playing college basketball and not getting to participate in the NCAA tournament. He said he would have played for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils, if he did attended college. Can you imagine how amazing Kobe would have been if he played in college (even for a year or two?) Kobe who is compared to Michael Jordan could possibly have been even a better player. There are so many what ifs as to if he could have broken a ton of collegiate records. In my opinion he easily would have been one of the top 20 players to ever play in college basketball, even if he only played for a year or two. It just is a big story that Kobe has any regrets considering this is coming from a man who scored 81 points in a single game, has 3 NBA championships already and has been on the all NBA 1st team and all NBA defensive team. He chose a path that he obviously was ready for and now all we can do is wonder what he could have accomplished if he gave college a chance.


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