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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gladiators of the Coliseum

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Starting this blog off I want to give a mass answer to number of emails that I’ve received recently on this site, the answer is yes, I won’t be writing about much except the Red Sox for the rest of the season. The regular-regular season starts for them on Tuesday in Oakland and till they are hoisting the “Tiffany Flag Pin Cushion” trophy in October I’m going to be pushing through. (On a side note, you know that if they do repeat as champions I’m going to cry like a school girl just like the first two times they won and will continue to write gems about the poetry that is Mike Lowell’s wrists and how I think that Jacoby Ellsbury could beat Moses in the 100-meter hurdles for at least another two weeks after it’s all over. You’ve been warned.)
Now that we are in this scheduling oddity of playing two regular season games on the Moon, we are now in the awkward three exhibition games before games mean anything again on Tuesday. Though, as everyone is complaining about how the Red Sox are back to playing meaningless exhibition games, the game tonight has drawn my attention since I first heard about it a few months ago. The Dodgers in honor of their 50th season in Los Angeles are playing an exhibition game at their initial west coast stomping grounds, The L.A. Coliseum. The stadium which is home now to only the college football power house, USC Trojans, has been renovated for a baseball game. 115,300 tickets have already been sold to this contest and an added 5,000 people are expected as a day of game attendees.
I can tell what you’re thinking right now, and yes this would be a record. The record that it would break is for the largest crowd ever to see a baseball game. The previous record is 93,103 people to see Roy Campanella Night in May of1959. The opponent for the Dodgers that day was the New York Yankees; the Yankees won 6-2.
The original field that the Dodgers played on in the late 50’s was only 251 feet down the left field line to the 30 foot high fence at the end of it. The change for the game tonight again the Red Sox is that the fence is going to be 200 feet away but the fence at the end is going to be roughing 62 feet high. Seriously, this sounds like a video game, I’m already thinking if someone could put one over that and how hard would it be? Also who is the player most likely to do it? My vote goes to Mike Lowell or Manny Ramirez; both are righties and can turn on a ball like no others.
This is must see stuff, the largest crowd in history and the Red Sox, this is a spectacle, regular season or not.
Wait, is this regular season? It’s not, we’re sure about this?
Someone call Bud, I need a ruling.

Vote Simmons in ’08. YES WE CAN!!!
~Sterling Pingree

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