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Monday, March 17, 2008

Bristol Reactions and Observations

- It was a big win for Jeff Burton, who was just in the right place at the right time. That's all it takes sometimes, as he only led the final 2 laps of the race.

- All three drivers at RCR had top-5 cars, and it seemed like it was Kevin Harvick's race to lose there at the end. After bumping the 20 car, that's exactly what he did.

- You have to feel for Tony Stewart, after he led the most laps at Bristol for the third consecutive spring race. He's dominated the event, but each time has failed to win the race.

- It was a better race with the new Goodyear tire at Bristol than the last race at Bristol with the new car, and much better than the race last weekend. Good racing this time around, and a very eventful finish.

- Denny Hamlin once again has bad luck. He had a car that could have very well won the race, and he experience fuel pickup problems at the end. Sooner or later, he'll get things turned around.

- There were some very nice tributes to Dale Jarrett before the start of the race. It was sad to see him finish poorly, among a wave of mediocrity, but I'm sure his voice will be very influential in the sport for years to come.

- Bobby Labonte deserved a better result on Sunday than he got. Rumors of him switching points with Kyle Petty are absurd, in my opinion. Kyle Petty is a veteran driver who finishes poorly every weekend, and to switch points would be ridiculous for a guy, in Labonte, who continues to post solid results in the 43 car.

- It looked like Jimmie Johnson and the 48 bunch were finally gonna snap their streak of bad finishes until they spun the car and damaged their car after making contact with the 31 car. They finished 18th and maintained their 13th spot in the points standings, 7 points ahead of teammate Jeff Gordon, who experience tightness problems for the majority of the race.

- It must be a very happy day for Michael Waltrip Racing, knowing that all three of their drivers are in the top-35 in the points standings after the race yesterday.

Next up is Martinsville, a track where Hendrick Motorsports is bound to start turning things around.

Aaron Larsen

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