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Monday, March 24, 2008

Sidney Crosby

I was just reading an article on ESPN.com that was talking about NHL superstar Sidney Crosby. Crosby is 20 years old and is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He also has the second most points on his team with 67, behind Evengi Malkin who has a ridiculous 102 points. Malkin is also only 21 years old.
Now I'm 20 years old and wondering where these kids got their talent. And I use the term kids because they still are. These two players are absolutely dominating the NHL and there really isn't anything any other team has done to prevent it.
Malkin has 44 goals this season against professional goalies who have dedicated their lives to stopping pucks. Crosby has 22 goals this season so far as well. I just don't understand the skill level of these two kids. I simply cannot fathom being that good.
A majority of the players who play division 1 hockey are between the ages of 21 and 24. Most of the all played junior hockey instead of going straight into college. Since the NCAA only allows players to play 4 seasons of a collegiate sport a lot of younger kids try and get as much experience as possible after high school/prep school before the division 1 level.
Kids like Crosby and Malkin skipped the whole division 1 step and went straight to the NHL basically out of prep school and are dominating. I just wonder where these kids get their talent and how come I wasn't able to obtain any of it over the years.

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