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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pacman to Dallas?

Is Pacman Jones going to Dallas a good idea? Should it even be news? He has not played in over a year. He was a good player but there talking about him in the news and making this seem as if he was Peyton Manning or Tom Brady on the trade block.

"I really think my days being a Titan [are] over with," Jones said Saturday, according to The (Nashville) Tennessean. "I enjoyed my stay here. I just think my days as a Titan [are] over with."

Jones, appearing at a charity basketball game at Tennessee State University with rosters made up of current and former Titans, signed his name and the number 21 on a football that was being auctioned off for charity instead of the number 32 he wore in two seasons in Nashville.

Asked if that was wishful thinking, he said "that's your idea," according to the report. But Jones also said he believed Deion Sanders, whom he considers a friend, would let him wear the No. 21 that "Prime Time" wore with the Cowboys, according to the report from ESPN.

Personally I feel that this talk needs to end Pacman Jones has yet to show he can go 6 months straight with out getting into trouble with the law, and the commissioner has not even reinstated him to play in the 2008-2009 season.


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