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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger Woods to have season ending surgery?

The Golf Channel has just announced that Tiger will have season ending knee surgery. The Golf Channel is currently the only station reporting it, but this is big time breaking news if it's true. I'm sure Tiger will come out at some point and say something, but this is a huge hit to him. This will be I believe the fourth knee surgery Tiger will undergo, and it seems like this could be something that is a recurring theme for him. Knees injuries aren't something to be taken lightly, and Tigers US Open victory may have just cost him more than it was worth. I have to go to work, but I hope you all enjoy this piece of breaking news even before ESPN had it. I'll try to come in and give you an update if I get some free time from reporting at the Eastern Maine Baseball Finals (which you can watch on WVII and WFVX).

~Aaron Jackson

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