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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the midst of the World Series Preview

Last night I felt it.

It's the same feeling I had about the Red Sox and Rockies regular season series last year, well when they were playing in the World Series this is how I felt about their regular season series. But last night was something that I really haven't seen a lot of this season with any teams. And that's a good old fashioned pitchers duel. A lot of aces this year have had rocky starts and down years to begin with. I mean Justin Verlander is 3-9 for crying out loud and C.C. Sabathia has almost as many home runs this season as he did wins in the entire month of April. Even the combatants last night have had their struggles this year. Josh Beckett since coming off the disabled list to start the season has had a couple shakey starts and his only start where he looked to have dominant stuff was his start in Cincinnati last Sunday. Dan Haren (he's going by Dan now, Danny's a kid's name. Dan sounds more grown up. And no, I haven't just watched Little Big League).

Last night's game though had the feel, of two teams that have good pitching, timly hitting and good defense played all around, (aside from Brandon Moss's bobble allowing Arizona's second run). It makes sense though that these two teams could play each other in the Fall Classic. Arizona has to be the favorite to win the NL west and in the playoffs, what always wins? That's right good pitching and would anybody want to face Brandon Webb and Dan Haren twice each in a best of 7 series, and could the Cubs, Phillies or (for arguments sake) Cardinals beat the Diamondbacks in a 5 game series? I mean really, you would be looking at Webb in game one, Haren in game 2, potentially Randy Johnson or Doug Davis or (my favorite of the three) Micah Owings for games three and four. Then coming right back with Brandon Webb for a potential game 5.

Tonight could be the night for the Inaugural Jogging Diary Red Sox edition. It could happen, it is Jerry Remy Night at Fenway, who knows what this could entail, though I guarantee we see more highlights of him falling off desks than diving after balls in the hole at 2ND.

To recap, Jogging Diary a possibility for tonight and these next two games are a World Series Preview, I'm calling it right here right now. Sox and Snakes in the Fall Classic.

Sterling Pingree

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